Rise Up 4 the Children

Toni Stockton

A Mama on a Mission

I’m Toni Stockton, founder of Riseup4thechildren.

Our organization was birthed out of a very heavy burden in my heart that’s been getting heavier with each passing year, concerning the moral decline in our society and the outlandish sexual attacks on our children in America.

As a biblical Christian, wife and mom of four, I’ve silently watched from the sidelines, as our culture has turned away from everything that is of God, and I have seen things in my lifetime that truthfully, I thought I would never see.

I’ve watched as evil has prowled about like a roaring lion seeking to devour our children in the most unlikely places.

Riseup4thechildren is a bold organization that fights the good fight of faith for our families, our children and our biblical freedom.

We love what God loves and what breaks His heart breaks ours.

Just to name a few –

Gender confusing books being read to our toddlers in our tax funded libraries by men dressed in drag. Graphic homosexual sex ed being taught as “normal” in some schools across the country, trans boys dominating in female Athletics, children being allowed to change genders, injecting cross sex hormones and puberty blockers that are non- FDA approved.

Some, with devastating side effects.

Gender neutral bathrooms completely disregarding the safety of our children. Homosexual affirming clubs popping up in middle schools everywhere and many of them are started by teachers that are paid with our tax dollars.

Listen, a person’s sexual orientation has no business being affirmed much less promoted in a public school setting.

Folks, this must stop and it is past time to push back this evil and rise up for Godliness for our children’s sake.

Luke 18:16 says in God’s word, “Bring the children to me”, Jesus said, and that is just what we are going to do.

Will you rise up with us and help us protect the hearts and minds of our children in America against these audacious sexual attacks that Will destroy the next generation if we don’t act now?

Please share our website if you are ready to rise up for our children!

Thank you and God Bless!

Fighting for the Hearts and Minds of Our Children in this Culture War


Contending for the Faith in a godless culture and equipping the biblical family. Rising up in our communities, towns, states, and around the country to preserve the word of God and biblical values.


We believe in God’s infallible word, the Bible. We believe in traditional marriage between a man and a woman, according to the Bible. We believe in only two genders – male and female, according to the Bible. We believe that homosexuality, adultery, lying is a sin just like other sins, according to the Bible. And when you confess your sins, repent and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior, He is slow to anger and a merciful God, willing to forgive.


To Rise up and protect innocent children that don’t have a voice. Pro-life, Purity in Schools, Purity in Libraries and Protecting Family Values.

Are You Ready to
Rise Up for the Children?