His word is like a fire shut up in my bones. I must speak!

I’m heavily burdened at how quiet the American church has become against the level of wickedness that is rising up in our culture, communities, and in our country. Jesus prepared us for this time dear brothers and sisters through His word. We should not be surprised at what we are seeing. However, the biggest surprise [...]

THE GIFT OF A BIBLICAL FAMILY. New podcast episodes on Spotify in January 2022!

New podcast coming in January 2022 It is no wonder the family is under such spiritual attack in today’s culture. Family is God’s beautiful design. God’s perfect design. We serve a God of order and throughout the Bible we can see the craftsmanship of God's mighty hand and how everything has a purpose and plan. [...]

Free doughnuts, free beer, and a concert from Brad Paisley. What more could you ask for?

The catch? Just take the shot! America! Aren’t we smarter than this? Has it crossed your mind that if big tech, big Pharma, and country super stars that are trying so desperately to convince you to take an experimental vaccine, that something could be dangerously wrong? Freedom is not free and once we start flippantly [...]

May 17th, 2021|General|


As a mom of four. Three boys and a little girl, it's hard for me to stand by and just be quiet on this issue of Drag Queens in our public libraries. The moral decline in my own community has burdened me deeply.  We home educate our children but I still care about the children [...]

September 28th, 2019|General|
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