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Pray to End Abortion

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We now live in a time in history where we are seeing true infanticide right here in America. Astounding! However, God is moving and lives are being changed.

We invite you to be apart of riseup4thechildren.com as we take our stand against the murder of innocent babies. Come be a part of the mission and help us end abortion. JUST WATCH!

Come join Riseup4thechildren as we support and encourage moms-to-be. There is always an option for moms and their babies. Always!

Come out and join us on a scheduled Saturday. Sign up to receive our emails and we will notify you of the next riseup4thechildren Saturday event.

Don’t miss a very tender and special time to impact the life of a woman, who is thinking of taking the life of her baby. Bring your families out too. No greater cause, than to teach your children how precious life is.

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